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30 Feb 2015 Len Carter Update  Click here

 From Guestbook Brendan McGurk  Click here

From Guestbook Gerald Leneghan  Click here

From Guestbook  28 February 2015  Father John Booth SDB RIP

2014 David Metcalfe RIP  Memoriam Click here

2014 Summer Reunion Report

David Metcalfe RIP  Click here

Eddy Clancy RIP August 2014  Click here

2014 Blaisdon Newsletter  Click here

Peter Landsborough in Hospital  Click here

Update on Mike O Brien  Click here

Father Joe Merriman SDB RIP  Click here

Eddy Clancy's Funeral details.  Click here 

Michael O'Brien Seriously ill   Click here

EddyClancy  RIP

Norman Taylor RIP   Click here

Chris Little  RIP Requiem Mass  Click here

Easter 2014 Mini Reunion  Click here 

Chris Little RIP  Click here

Deacon Jim Richards MBE (RIP)

Father Bernard Higgins SDB RIP  Click here

15 November Jon Dodd and the Beast Click here

07 November 2013  Bro Joe Adams SDB Golden Jubilee

05 November 2013   Norman Taylor in Hospital again

Short History of Blaisdon Hall Click here

Lawrence (Curly) Stanton RIP  Click here

Blaisdon 2013 Reunion  Click here  Large file

Norman Taylor Home from hospital  Click here

Norman Taylor in Hospital  Click here

Summer 2013 Newsletter  Click here

Eric Nutcher's Gravestone now in place

Anthonians 2013 Annual Reuion

Blaisdon Village 2nd Book dedicated to the Quenn

Newent Golden Jubilee Booklet

Easter 2013 Mini Reunion/Pat Youngs ashes interred

Brother Alan Garman SDB RIP

Summer 2012 Reunion & Christmas Newsletter  Click here

George Austin RIP  Click here

Brian Docking RIP  Click here

Father John Gilhehey SDB (RIP)  Click here

Donald Whelehan RIP  Click here  

Summer 2012 AGM/Reunion 

Pat Young RIP

Arthur 'John' Norman RIP

Jimmy Chaplin RIP

Eric Nutcher RIP - Post Funeral Photos.

Eric Nutcher's Funeral details on 12 June 2012 at Barmby in the Willows. (Close to Newark)

Golden Jubilee Celebration Frs Sean and Aidan

Anthonians' Assoctiation Invitation to former Crusade of Rescue Old Boys 

Tony Haines RIP (Former owner of Blaisdon Hall)

David Hudson and his Bike

Train Story from Terry O'Neill

Tom Brown RIP Past National President on three occasions  (Loved Blaisdon Past Pupils)

History of St. Vincent's, Carlisle Place, London

CCS(W) Annual Benefactors Mass 2011

Blaisdon Hall Evocations

'Friends' of the Catholic Children's Society (Westminster)

Tribute to Salesians, by Michael McKenna  Click here

Summer 2011 AGM & Reunion

Anthonians' Reunion 2011  Click here  (large file)

Derry Maher's 1989 Photos of Blaisdon activities (large file.)

Easter 2011 Mini Reunion Report

Poem by Derry Maher re move

Sister Agnes, Sister of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, British Hero of the Holocaust.  Click Here

Blaisdon Memories  A new and exciting book of Blaisdon 

Burwash  Click here

Stud Farm  Click here

Summer 2010  Summer Reunion - President's Report

Summer 2010 Reunion Photo Record

John Hennessy (Mieczkowski) photos   Click here

Mrs Grace/Maskell @ Mrs Allum  Who are the men

Anthonians Reunion Summer 2010

Father George Robson SDB MBE at the ceremony.  Click here

Terry O'Neill's great success as a Publisher

Train in Blaisdon Halt;  where so many of us first arrived.

Father Henri Alen's Golden Jubilee (World Delegate Emeritus)

Easter 2010 Mini Reunion Report

Morogoro Tanzania item

Bishop Craven at Blaisdon 

Ceri/Sheila Evans  (Ceri appointed High Sheriff of Glouscestershire on 08 April 2010)

Easter 2010 Newsletter

Haiti Appeal by Rector Major

Father George Robson SDB MBE

Father Michael Power SDB (RIP)

Christmas 2009 Newsletter

Bishop Bernard Longley, now Archbishop of Birmingham 

Crusade of Rescue Benefactors Mass 2009,  or Click here to go straight to Another Christmas Story

Blaisdon Hall For Sale

John Plevey RIP

Barney Grace's Funeral 18 September 2009

Charlie Gift presentation

Initial report on meeting at the AGM 2009, by Tony Brady ]

Summer Reunion 2009 (Medium Size File)                             ]

150th Anniversary of founding of Crusade of Rescue (For the extra item Click here)

Brother Tom Sullivan by Tony Brady

Solidarity in Sadness by Tony Brady

Letter from New World Delegate to all Salesian Past Pupils

150th Anniversary of The Catholic Children's Society (Westminster)

Letter from President dated 03 March 2009

Father Dan Lucey SDB (RIP)

Father Brian Jerstice SDB in Tanzania gets help from Blaisdon Old Boys

Brother Neil McElwee, a real Blaisdon Stalwart,  died on the evening of 07 October 2008

Gloucester Citizen Newspaper (Article)

Summer Reunion 2008 ( Large file, please be patient )

Ferrini House, Northwood, Middlesex

Len Carter has been diagnosed with cancer of the Colon

CCS(W)  Inauguration 04August 2008 

Anthonians Reunion 2008 (with Blaisdon invited)                                                                                                                           

Visit to Brother Alan Garman SDB  (& Tributes by Tony Brady)

Norman Taylor's 80th

Bro. Tom Caulfield SDB RIP

Easter Reunion 2008 (Large file may take a few moments to download)

The Tablet - Article on the Salesian Family, of which we are all a part

Teddy Bears Picnic

Children's Carol Service - Westminster Cathedral

Crusade of Rescue Benefactor's Mass 2007

Fr. Sean Crummey SDB RIP

Fr. Pat McGrath SDB RIP

Buckingham Palace Visit by the Anthonians

Salesian Anniversaries

Summer 2007

CCS(W) Walk a Mile Pilgrimage

Father Hugh Douglas SDB (RIP)

Brother Chris Gorton SDB (99 and awaiting the Queens message)

Gordon Robertson RIP

Good Shepherd Mass Westminster 2007

John Ward's Grandaughter, Paige,  First Holy Communion andConfirmation

Father Jim Pilling SDB (RIP) - Homily preached by Fr. John Gilheney

Easter 2007

Crusade Benefactors' Mass 2006

Pat Murphy RIP, died yesterday 30 December 2006, aged 75

Don Bosco's Mother, Mamma Margaret now "Venerable" on way to Canonization

Jimmy Grace RIP

Golden Wedding Anniversary - Len & Sylvia Carter (Former President)

Chrissy Cookson Father, Trevor, died suddenly in Spain last week

Fr. Pat Mckenna SDB RIP

Blaisdon Reunion 27 August 2006

Meeting with Fr Brain Jerstice SDB 28 July 2006

John Ward at St James Palace  2006?

Anthonians' Reunion 15 July 2006

Jim Richards, Ordained a Deacon on 01 July 2006

David Bastable RIP

Blaisdon Reunion Easter 2006


Crusade of Rescue - Benefactors' Mass, November 2005 

Newent Parish Church

Memorial Mass for Fr Pat Kenna RIP

Blaisdon Reunion: August, 2005 The 70th Anniversary Reunion (Large file)

Blaisdon April 2005

Funeral of Fr Paul Golding SDB

Blaisdon Reunion: August, 2004

Blaisdon Rome Trip 2004

Millennium Reunion

Anthonians meeting with Blaisdon Old Boys - May 2004

Blaisdon Reunion: April, 2004

Blaisdon Reunion: August 24, 2003

Fr Sean Murray - a Septuagenarian!

Blaisdon Reunion April 2003 

Ruby Anniversaries for Frs. Sean and Aidan Murray

Blaisdon Old Boys Reunion August 2002

Fr. Jim Pilling's and Fr. James McGrath's Golden Jubilee

Funeral of Father James Conway SDB

Reunion 1991/2   Added Jan 2010 from photo 3 in Help wanted

1980's Staff Group photo  Added Jan 2010 from photo 9 in Help wanted

National Council Meeting at Blaisdon (Always the most popular venue)

1973/4 Group at Blaisdon (cor.)

1956  Ordination of Father John Norton

1953  Blaisdon School Band  (Was photo No. 1  in Help Wanted!

1953 Aladdin not the Mikado - Blaisdon Production

1941 Group photo at May Hill