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Newent Parish Church 

Charles Springett, our President, sent me the following interesting pages from a History of Newent

I remember well the times on most Sundays, whilst I was at Blaisdon, when I packed a suitcase with Altar Stone, Altar Cloth, Vestments, candles and all that was necessary to enable Father Coppo to celebrate the Sunday Mass in the Market House on Stilts, at the centre of Newent.

I remember especially Father Coppo's driving which had to be experienced to believe it.  In the winter time, particularly in that winter of 1947 when the lanes we used were covered in snow and ice, I often wondered if we would make it to Newent.  The car was sliding all over the place, but it didin't seem to bother Father Coppo, perhaps he was musing over his sermon. on the way.  Anyway we always got there and virtually unscathed.  After Mass Father and I were always invited to a Parishioner's home for breakfast before returning to Blaisdon Hall.  I cannot remember the name of the family, but feel sure it was Mr. and Mrs. Robinson.  It was always a delicious meal and a great treat for me.

A young John Ward

Below are some extracts of the article including pictures of  the Market House on stilts (temporary Catholic Church at weekends) and the Current free standing Catholic Church, still a Salesian Parish, after all these years.  As you will see from the text the Salesians and the Pupils, past and present, were involved in the building of the new Catholic Church.

    Click here for history by Fr Bill Boyd SDB

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