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Len Carter and Sylvia Carter


27 February 2015 Update on Len Carter  Len called me today for a chat.  During the chat I learned that Len had another operation to remove a small tumor from the right side of his head between his right eye and ear.  Len is fairly dismissive as to concern about thiese samll ops he has had over time.  However I believe it would be beneficial that we offer some prayers for Len


25 August 2014  Len Carter's wife, Sylvia, is very unwell again  Len Carter let us know at the AGM that his wife is seriously ill.  They are not yet able to determine the basis of Sylvia's illness.  When Sylvia is able to see her Doctor he will let me have an update and I will post it here.  Meantime I am sure they would again appreciate your kind thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.  It was because of her illness that Sylvia was unable to be with us at the Reunion yesterday.


20 June 2014  Len Carter Update  I was talking with Len yesterday when he told me the hospital need to remove two more small tumours from his head.   He stated they were tiny.  I responded that, nevertheless, they must removed to keep you safe.  Len said yes I agree.  Please keep Len and his wife and family in your prayers at this stressing time.


09 April 2014  Update on Len Carter  Good News)  Len is back at home with the operation being done under local anesthesia.  The surgeon told Len he had got all of the tumour out this time.  He has some pain in his head but still plans to be at Blaisdon for the weekend after Easter.


28 March 2014  Update on Len Carter  I wish to remind you all that Len is going into hospital on 09 April 2014 to have an operation on he head to remove a malignant tumor, that has returned.  Len in his normal stoical manner is taking it as it comes.  However I am sure he would appreciate our thoughts and kind prayers.  Note change of date.  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

23 August 2012  Update No. 14 on Sylvia Carter  I spoke with both Sylvia and Len today.  They had both been at Hillingdon Hospital for most of the day having checks and consultation over Sylvia's liver troubles.  Sylva is still very tired these days and somewhat anemic.    Sylvia is due for some scans at Mount Vernon hospital soon, at least this is so much more convenient and close to their home.  It was good to learn that they both intend to be at Blaisdon for some part of the weekend and will be with us for the Reunion.  Please keep up the prayers for Sylvia as she has really been through it of late.


05 July 2012  Update No. 13 on Sylvia Carter  When I called Len to try to return his call yesterday evening when I was out, Ii couldn't get answer, but when I called just now I was delighted to hear Sylvia answer my call.  Sylvia was discharged today with the advice to get the District Nurse to come daily to deal with the dressings.  The Clinic were amazed that the patients should be asked to make these vital arrangements, especially as given her earlier infection sent her back into hospital to remove the fluid that was built up.  Thankfully finally the Clinic has been able to arrange this last minute request.  The good news is that Sylvia sounded so strong and un-fussed.  She is less weak than when she went for her last Outpatient visit that resulted in urgent re-admittance as an Inpatient.  Please keep up the prayers that at Sylvia's next Outpatient visit she is advised that all is healing well.


03 July 2012  Update No. 12 on Sylvia Carter  I went to visit Sylvia in Hospital and Len was already there.  Ii have to say that I am amazed at Sylvia's resilience.  In spite of everything she is still in good heart.  She is in an en suite room which she likes.  he told me that they might discharge her tomorrow.  Somehow I cannot see this.  She has had a reopening of the surgery site to determine how and why she is bleeding so profusely.  In spit of much surgical padding her nightdress is covered in blood.  With Len and myself we had a good chat and a good laugh.  Sylvia said she had enjoyed the laugh together.  I feel sure we need to keep up our prayers, just as Sylvia is keeping up her infectious optimism.


03 July 2012  Update No. 11 on Sylvia Carter  Len called me this morning to tell me that Sylvia has had two blood transfusions and Sylvia has said she feels somewhat better.  Sylvia is still bleeding a lot and the dressings are soaked.  I will meet Len at the hospital at 3pm to visit Sylvia and post another update after I have visited Sylvia.


02july 2012  Update No. 10 on Sylvia Carter  Len called me this afternoon to let me know that he took Sylvia to an Outpatient appointment t at Hillingdon Hospital.  As soon as the nurse saw Sylvia she called a Doctor.  The Doctor then met Len and told him that he will need to admit Sylvia.  Len and Sylvia then both returned home to collect all that Sylvia would need as an in patient.  Sylvia spent the time at home ensuring that all would be easy and available for Len.   They may be intending to open Sylvia's chest to see what is going on.  This will mean sedation and perhaps a few days in Hospital.  As soon as Len lets me know I will add further info to this page.  Len tells me that Sylvia is finding it so hard to breath and is very tired and exhausted.  Even a walk to the front gate tires her out.  Please keep Sylvia and Len in your thoughts and in your kind prayers at this difficult time.


01 July 2012  Update No 9 on Sylvia Carter  Sadly the news is not good, though Sylvia is being quite stoical.  She was called to the hospital as they found a blood clot in the operative area and got this removed.  Sylvia was  called again late one evening to be told that they have found that she has an enlargement on her liver.  Sylvia will go to hospital tomorrow and may learn more about her future treatment.  Please keep Sylvia and Len in your Prayers during these difficult times.


01 July 2012  Update on Donald Whelehan 



14 June 2012  Update No. 8 on Sylvia Carter  Len has just called me to let me know the worrying news that his wife Sylvia came back from the hospital with yesterday.  Until then all the news of progress had been so positive.  Sadly this no longer is the case.  As a result of an infection at the operative site,  the Doctors recovered 320ml of fluid from the operative site.  Sylvia is now on a remedial course of antibiotics.  Please keep Sylvia and Len in your kind thoughts and kind prayers that this will complete the remedy and that Sylvia can get back to the hoped for complete success.


01 June 2012  Update No.7 on Sylvia Carter  Good News.  I was speaking to Sylvia this morning.  She had just got back from a Hospital Outpatient visit and was delighted to tell me she is discharged and now totally clear of the cancer and not needing Chemo or Radio therapy.  She just has to take a tablet for the next five years in case anything resides in the blood, which this tablet will clear up.  Len and Sylvia thank you all for your kind prayers and thoughts.


28 May 2012  Update No. 6 on Sylvia Carter  When I called Len's house around midday I was pleasantly surprised that Sylvia answered the phone, as she had just got back from hospital,  Sylvia was in good heart and glad to be home to look after Len!  Sylvia told me that she has to wait now for perhaps two weeks whilst the output  of her operation is analyzed and determination of whatever might be the appropriate therapy is established.  Thanks for all your prayers.


26May 2012  Update No. 5 on Len Carter's wife Sylvia  Len has just called me to let me Know that Sylvia has come very well through her operation.  Len told me that when he was with her earlier today in hospital he said Sylvia was in great form full of life and very happy.  Len thinks Sylvia will be home on Monday or Tuesday.  Len and Sylvia thank you all for your prayers, which seem to be well and truly answered. 


15 may 2012  Update No. 4 on Len's wife, Sylvia  I drove over to Len and Sylvia's house this morning to put a Card though their letter Box but was amazed to find they were in.  They had already been over to Hillingdon Hospital where Sylvia had a CT Scan.  I found Sylvia in good spirit, quite resigned and ready to get on with the operation.  She told me she had a Lumpectomy on this side about 28 years ago and will now have a full Mastectomy on that same side.  The operation will be at Hillingdon Hospital on Friday week, 25 May 2012.  I'll visit her on that day and let you all know the latest situation.  Please keep up the prayers that the operations will be a complete success


14 May 2012 Update No 3 on Len Carter's wife Sylvia  Len called me this evening to let me know the sad news that his wife has been told she has breast cancer.  Len will be by her side at hospital tomorrow and Friday for the planning and diagnosis phase for the Mastectomy Sylvia has to  undergo.  Please keep Sylvia and Len and their family in your kind thoughts and prayers during this difficult and trying time. 


22 March 2012 Len Carter's wife, Sylvia, needs our prayers.  Sylvia is feeling rather exhausted after recent surgery for a prolapsed bowel.  Please keep her and Len in your kind thoughts and prayers.  They both plan to be with us at the Jubilee event.  


15 December 2011  Update No. 3  on Len Carter.  Great News about Len Carter.  He has recently been advised that the scan on his colon and recent test have determined that he has no cancer  and that the recent biopsies have turned out to be simple benign Cysts.   Len thanks you all for your prayers and kind thoughts.  A great Christmas present for Len.


06 October 2011  Update No. 2 on Len Carter.   Len has called me to let me know he is a little under the weather after the biopsies he had, but expects to be OK soon.  We had planned to do something together which had to be cancelled this was why he called me.


17 October 2011  Update on Len Carter  Len called me this evening to let me know that he had a CT Scan at Mount Vernon Hospital and he has been told that some nodules appeared in his colon.  Len has been put on medication right away and will be called in for a Colonoscopy to take some small biopsies for analysis.  As usual, Len is phlegmatic as these processes take their course.  However please do keep Len and Sylvia in your kind thoughts and prayers that results will turn our better that they possibly fear


05 July 2011  Update no. 3 on Len Carte's wife, Sylvia  After I returned from the funeral of Andy Webb's wife, Maureen, and had created an item on the funeral, I took myself off to Hillingdon Hospital to see how Sylvia was getting on.  I walked straight into her room to find a man lying in the bad with a male visitor.  I asked is this room 20 and it was confirmed.  I apologised and sought out a nurse to discover the Good News that Sylvia had been discharged in the afternoon.  I was delighted to get this news and called Sylvia when I got home and spoke to her.  She told me Len was doing some ironing!


30 June 2011  Update No2. on Len Carter's Wife, Sylvia  I paid a visit to Sylvia in hospital this afternoon.  I was glad to see  Sylvia sitting in her chair and out of bed, but still with the saline drip attached.  Sylvia seemed even better today than on my previous visit.  As I got there, David, one of Sylvia's sons was just leaving, so I became the relief visitor.  Not too long after I got chatting with Sylvia I heard Len's voice who was arriving for his afternoon visit, with a former neighbour friend, from the time when they lived in Northwood.  Len was also delighted, and I mean delighted as you will see, to find his wife looking so much better.  Now why would this be so?  A few anecdotes from Len's antics in the home will suffice.  Len had, for the first time since his Army days, tried to do some ironing.  What a state he got into, first he could work out how to raise and lower the ironing board and was challenging Sylvia to tell him how to do so.  But that wasn't the only problem Len knew it was a steam iron, not sure how, but he had no idea where the water was to be put in.  Eventually he decided on a hole he spotted and poured it in there, as a result he fused all the Electrical system and even had to call a neighbour to flip the trip switches back on.  But there's lots more but I give just one.  Sylvia had told him how to use the microwave to create a meal from the freezer.  Len explained that he dutifully read the instructions and did what Sylvia told him to use 130.  Len said the instructions told him to remove the outer packaging, which he disparaged  "as though any fool needed to be told this".  However when he took the meal out it was still frozen.  We all believed that what Sylvia did not tell him, was  to switch the Microwave on Ha Ha.  The outcome of this was that we had a rip rip-roaring bouts of laughter in Sylvia's room.  I told Sylvia this was very therapeutic and great for her healing to enjoy so many deep 'belly laughs'. 

Sylvia, get better soon, as I dread to think what next might befall your poor husband Len!


28 June 2011  Update No. 1 on Sylvia  I was unable to get to see Sylvia yesterday evening, as by the time I had finished my work on the Website it was too late for visiting times.  However as I had an Outpatient appointment of my own at 0940.  After that I took a chance of going to see if I could see Sylvia at 1100 and was successful.  Sylvia seemed a lot better than when I last met her and was on a hydration drip.  She is in a new Ward where all beds are in separate rooms with on suite facilities, which I was so pleased to see.  Later this evening Len called and told me that there is a hope that if all goes well on her treatment now, then she will not need to go to a Hammersmith Hospital.  Lest us pray that this turns out to be the case.



27 June 2011  Len Carter's wife, Sylvia, is in Hospital   Len has just called me to tell me his wife , Sylvia, is in Bevan Ward in Hillingdon hospital.  I know Sylvia has not been well for some weeks and has lost a lot of weight.  The hospital has determined that Sylvia has a kidney malfunction of some sort.  Sylvia may have to be transferred to a Hammersmith hospital for an operation. Sylvia is a regular supporter of our Summer Reunions and known to so many of us.  I will try to get to see Sylvia this evening.  Please keep Sylvia, Len and their family in your prayers at this difficult time.  I will keep you updated as further news becomes available.


09 October 2008  Len Carter Update

Len was at the hospital today and he called me to let me know the latest.  It is great news; because Len is elated.  The hospital has decided that Len will not need to undergo the Chemotherapy after all.  Len was not looking forward to having the Chemo so he was understandably delighted.  The reason for the change is because Len has now been 10 days off the antibiotics with no recurrence of the dreadful Cdiff side effects.  Chemo would have undermined this welcome situation, with its known and expected side effects.  Also they are fairly sure that they got all the cancer from the bowel, though there was the issue of the lymph glands.  Sylvia called me this morning to say that Len was elated.  Of course down the line the use of Chemo might well be a useful and desirable treatment.


07 September 2008

I called Len a little earlier and was glad to learn that the anticipated improvement in Len' symptoms has occurred.  Clearly Len hopes that this change of medication will have a lasting effect, after the course(s) have run.

05 September 2008

Dear Friends,

I just called Len and he has not had a good day. He has started the new antibiotics course and recognises it is too early for this to had removed his distressing symptoms. He courageously accepts the wait for probably 48hrs to see any beneficial effects.

Best wishes,


11 September 2008

Len Carter Update

Dear Friends,

Len called me this evening to let me know how he got on at the hospital. He was told they cannot start the Chemotherapy for another month. This is due to the drug that he is taking to control the CDiff ,and its disturbing effects once he tries to stop the antibiotics. This was a bit disappointing to Len but in his heart he knew this was likely to be the decision. The Consultant told him not to worry about the delay as they did not think this would be harmful to him.

As Len says, "We just go along with their plans" Today he was feeling quite well otherwise on the antibiotics.

Best wishes,


03 September 2008  Len Carter

Len Carter

Sadly, Len has been told he has a recurrence of CDIFF, with its distressing symptoms. He had just finished a course of antibiotics and thought it was going to be OK, when he had the news and symptoms.

His doctor has had discussions with various of the Specialities at Hillingdon Hospital and, as a result, they have decided to change to a different antibiotic, one that works only on the bowel.

Len in his usual optimistic manner accepts that this is all he can do. The start of his Chemo therapy is now going to be delayed.

Please keep Len in your thoughts and prayers. 



29 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

I have just had a call from Len and he is feeling well after his visit to Blaisdon for the Reunion and short stay with Roger and Corrine Allen. The antibiotics are maintaining him well. He was tired as the return journey took over four hours due the large road works approaching Gloucester city

He has just told me that he managed to delay the first Chemo treatment and it will now be on 08SEP2008. He is naturally concerned as this treatment has quite distressing side effects, which is hwy his Consultant for Chemo readily agreed to delay it for a week or so.

I'll keep you updated, once he starts his Chemo or if anything in his well-being starts to deteriorate.

Best wishes,



24 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

The best news so far is that Len and Sylvia were able to attend the Blaisdon Reunion today.  Thanks to the kindness of Roger and Corrine Allen, they will stay with them at their home.  Len drove himself down, which is quite a milestone.



21 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

Len called me today to say that things are still much better and that the Doctor id going to give him another antibiotics course to keep things settled a little longer. 

Len is comfortable with this but keen to know when he can stop the antibiotics and be back to normal. The doctor indicated that this may be for a little while yet.

Len and Sylvia continue to be strengthened by your kind thoughts and prayers and still hopes to be able to attend the Reunion. 

Best wishes,



20 August 2008  Len Carter

Len Carter - Update

Len called me to say things are still improving, whilst he is on the antibiotics. He called the surgery but there was no news on analysis of the specimen.

Later his doctor called to speak to Len, but Len was out walking and although Sylvia offered to pass on a message she was told No as the doctor needs to speak to Len. Len tried the surgery but the doctor was not available and so far has not called Len back. Len and Sylvia are, understandably, a little concerned as to what this might be about. He will try tomorrow and hope that he makes contact or the doctor calls him back.


19 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

I am happy to tell you that when I called Len this evening he said he had a better day again than yesterday. It is clear the tablets are working.

Bets wishes,



18 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

Len called just now and was able to tell me things are a little better. He assumes this is because he is back on the antibiotics. This is his current concern:that as soon as he finishes a course he will revert to the dreadful situation again. 

He saw his doctor today who said it will take quite a long time to get over the major surgery he has had on his bowel. Len pointed out the lumps all over his legs and the doctor felt that this results from the medication he has been on. He will call his doctor on Wednesday for the results of what he took in today.


17 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

Sadly there has been no improvement in Len's situation. He will see his doctor tomorrow and keep taking the tablets.

Although this is unfortunate for Len he is, as usual, taking a pragmatic view and hoping for an improvement soon.

Please keep Len in your thought and in your prayers.

Many thanks,



16 August 2008  Mick Grange

I have just learned from Terry O'Neill that Mick is not very well and will not be able to be with us at Blaisdon this coming weekend.  Please remember Mick, who has been a most generous supporter of the Blaisdon Old Boys, in your thoughts and prayers.   Thanks.


Click here for Len's previous history

16 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

I spoke to Len, as promised, earlier this evening and he told me he is back to how he felt when he was speedily discharged from hospital and now is hardly eating. 
However, he has started to take the new course of antibiotics, but hopes that this does become a normal pattern. He will take a sample for analysis to his Doctor on Monday and hopes that the analysis does not bring unwanted diagnosis.

I will keep you updated, but please keep up the prayers that Len may soon get back to something like Normal.

Best wishes,



15 August 2008  Len Carter

Dear Friends,

Sadly Len has had a return of the Diarrhoea today. He has been to his Doctor and been given the antibiotics, but advised not to take them yet, but give it another 24hrs in the hope it clears up without the tablets. 
I'll keep in touch with Len and let you know how he gets on. 



3 August 2008  Len Carter New Update 10

Dear Friends,

I was talking to Len a little earlier and he is very much better and continues to be so. His first appointment for the Chemotherapy is in three weeks time.

I will cease these updates for now, but keep in touch with Len and let you know if things do not continue improving.

Len was so relieved at the Oncology consultation that I think this has had a truly beneficial effect on his general well-being.

Best wishes,



12 August 2008  Len Carter - Update 9

Dear Friends,

Len called me after he got back from seeing his Oncology Consultant. He was in really great form as things went better than he could have imagined.

Len had taken with him a set of prepared questions so that he would cover all the things that mattered. Having first asked, "How having removed a part on my colon did you determine that the cancer had spread to my lymph glands?"

He then learned that they removed a number of glands, about seven, and found that four were cancerous. So Len then Len went onto his next question. At this the Oncologist asked Len what accent he had. Len said "How dare you. I don't have an accent" So he was asked where he was borne and when he said Liverpool the Oncologist said he also was from Liverpool. You can imagine what went on after this, two Liverpudlians having some quick repartee.

The answers to the other questions gave Len and Sylvia a real uplift. The chemotherapy will be by drugs (tablets). They will be administered in his local hospital and will be at three week intervals. The chance that he will be cured is 50%, though they believe he may already have removed all the cancer. The Oncologist felt sure Len would have at least five years to go. Len decided that at 50% with such a prognosis he would undergo the therapy. Potential side effect being nausea, headaches and the dreaded diarrhoea.  It will start in a few weeks time at Mount Vernon Hospital, local to Len. Len is now feeling so confident that he plans to drive himself down to the Reunion on Sunday 24th August, though he knows he has some standby backup if he did not feel up to driving himself.

He thanks everyone for their prayers, cards, calls and concerns and hopes to meet some of you at Blaisdon. You'll then get a very basic description from Len of what he has been through.  Whilst all this is great news please keep up the prayers that this very promising outcome reaches fruition in three months time or soon after.
11 August 2008  Tony Brady has added another tribute to a living Salesian, Brother Alan Garman SDB.  Click here  


11 August 2008  Len New Update 8

Dear Friends,

I am glad to say, that having just spoken to Richard and Len they both seem to be so much better, though neither are out of the wood yet.

Len goes to hospital tomorrow and will find our about his chemotherapy plans and also will let me know. Again we pray for further good news, if you can call having Chemotherapy is good news. It will be if it achieves the planned objectives.

10 August 2008  Len New Update 7

Today Len is still feeling even more better.  However today he took the final antibiotic tablet for this session and hopes that he does not again return to the dreadful condition he was in when the previous session finished. 

09 August 2008  Len Carter - New Update 6

Len called me today and there is better news in that his 'visits' are now just twice in the last 24hrs.  As a result Len is feeling a good bit better with some more strength.  Indeed when I called to deliver some things he wanted this morning he was out for a walk.  Len was delighted to receive Roger and Corrine Alan who drove all the way from Gloucs to see him, for the second time, yesterday.  Len is very appreciative of all his many friends and their interest in his situation.  Let's pray this improvement will continue - this time. 

08 August 2008  Len Carter - New Update 5  Dear Friends,

Len is feeling somewhat better today, with fewer visits. He is not eating much so I am going to get him some apple crumbles for Marks & Sparks, which he requested.

He is feeling uncertain about his Chemo treatment so we will devise a set of questions he can ask, to assuage his understandable concerns, when he meets his next medical people.

Best wishes,


07 August 2008  Dear Friends,  New Update 4  Not what Len wanted to hear.

I was out when Len called me. I have just called him and he told me;

"John, I got the worst news today that I needed. The Consultant told me that the cancer has spread to my Lymph Nodes and that I will need six months of Chemo therapy".

I expressed my sadness at his news. Len replied "I am not going to let it get me down, I just have to get on with it". This had been Len's attitude throughout and I am in admiration of him for this.

He also told the consultant that the nurses told him he was clear of the CDiff.  The Consultant said I wouldn't take too much notice of that as he believes Len still has the CDiff in his body. What is poor Len supposed to make of all these differing opinions!

Please keep up your kind concerns and your prayers for Len, Sylvia and family who know you are well and truly on his side and are most appreciative of your kind thoughts and prayers. He is determined to get through this.

Best wishes and my thanks,


04 August 2008  Len Carter has sadly reverted to a previous poor position.  I have spoken to both Len and Sylvia and they are both rather distressed. They have been to their Doctor who has indicated that he feels sure this is a recurrence of CDiff and has sent off samples to be checked. Hoping to get results on Wednesday. Meantime Len has been put back on antibiotics. They the see the Consultant on Thursday re the Histology.

Please remember Len and Sylvia in your prayers at this uncomfortable and worrying time for them.  I will revert now again to daily updates to keep you all informed.


22 July 2008  Len has been at home now since last Friday.  I spent an hour with him in his garden this morning and I can tell you he seems now, at last, to be well on the way to a full recovery.  He had news from the Nurse this morning that his Bloods and now all fine and he is over his CDiff infection.  We now just await the Histology report.


18 July 2008  Update 9

This one will surprise you; it certainly did me!  Just before 1pm I received a telephone call from Len.  He said he was at home, as he has been discharged.  A nurse came into his isolation room at 1000 and told him he was going, as they needed his bed.  Len asked at what time did they need his bed and received the reply at 1100.  He was told to get up and collect all his things and told to wait in the day room until 1300 when a car would take him home.  He expressed a desire not to have to wait till 1300 and they fixed a hospital car and got him home just before 1300.  Given that he is still suffering frequent  diarrhoea this caused him some distress.  However he is happy to be home.  I asked could I visit and he said yes.

Sylvia was somewhat disgusted with the way this came about, but is setting about caring for her Husband, as you would expect.  I went straight over to Len in Harefield and had a cup of tea with them.  The hospital said they had advised his Doctor and he should get some District Nurse help now at home.  My guess is that this advice to his doctor was by 2nd class letter and the help will not be provided before Monday at the earliest.  I hope I am wrong.  I tried to get Sylvia to call his Doctor but Len wouldn't hear of it

I'll keep closely in touch with Len and Sylvia and hope that progress is good from hereon and that they get the professional help they need.  On this basis I'll make this the final update in this series.  I'll let you know occasionally how Len is progressing at home.  My thanks to those who regularly thanked me for keeping you all informed.

Thanks from Len, Sylvia and family for all your prayers, concern  and good wishes. 


17 July 2008  Update 8

I did not visit Len today but Sylvia gave me a current update.  In terms of the discomfort Len is suffering it is sad to say this continues today.  The doctor has said that if they can get the infection under control it may be possible to discharge Len at the weekend.  Sylvia was not so optimistic that this would be possible.  Len is still not eating much and she intends to take him in some food she knows he will like to eat tomorrow.  Furthermore Sylvia will need nursing support when Len is discharged as she would not be able to lift or support Len on her own.

Here endeth the eight update"

16 July 2008  Update 7

I visited Len earlier this evening and had to wait sometime to get in to see Len, as he was attending to his ablutions.  Len is having a trying time right now.  I can confirm that it is Cdif that he is being isolated for.  Sadly, although Len is eating hardly anything he is suffering violent vomiting and diarrhea, which might be the effects of the Cdif.  This of course is making him rather worn out, though today I found him rather brighter than usual .  One of the things Len can eat is banana and he said had he known I was coming he would asked me to bring some in.  I offered to go down to the canteen to see if I could buy some, Len said not to bother.  Then a young nurse came to do some checks and I asked if the canteen was open and sold fruit.  She replied yes to both.  So with that I went down and fortunately I was able to buy 4 bananas.  When I returned I noticed a similar bag on his locker and in it there was three bananas!

The nurses had earlier discovered that his blood/sugar level was at 2 which is very low and they are working on this, as Len suffers with diabetes.  In spite of everything Len is determined to keep an optimistic outlook.  It was good to see him freed from all the lead attachments.  I told Len to call me about 6pm to ask me if I am coming to see him, so I can  get him whatever he might need.  We had a short chat about Salesians as I took to him the Provincial letter which I had received in the mail today.  Len was gracious and told me he enjoyed my visits.  I was so glad to hear that.

15 July 2008  Update 6

I was unable to visit Len today, as I was out to dinner with friends.  Sylvia has just called me with and update on Len's progress.  When she went to see him she was pleased to see him looking somewhat better.  He has all the attachments removed and was sitting in his chair.  Sadly, when his daughter visited this evening she found out that Len has caught this bug and is now in isolation; and visitors must wear a plastic apron and surgical gloves before going into see Len.  He is now on a course of antibiotics and it is believed this will take two or three days to deal with the infection.  I will visit Len tomorrow evening and will hope to have a more promising outcome to advise on my next update.

 2008  Update 5

I am just back from visiting Len in hospital.  There are some improvements to report; the oxygen tubes in his nose and Tube into his stomach were removed this morning.  The catheter will be removed tomorrow.  However his lower abdomen is still quite distended but not quite as hard as previously, though still very firm.  A lot of body fluid is leaching into a bag on his side which needs regular emptying and weighed.

When I got to the hospital Len was sitting in a chair beside his bed and the nurse was remaking his bed.  Len asked to be helped back into bed.  I chatted for a while and then Helped Len rearrange his pillows so he could have a little sleep.  Len is still quite positive in his thoughts, which is a good sign.

13 July 2008 Update 4

Again I did not visit Len today.  I spent most of my weekend trying, and finally completing a short while ago, to fix the computer for a neighbour, with three young girls.  Sylvia called me and gave me the latest after her visit to her husband, Len.  The situation is much the same as yesterday.  Len is still in severe discomfort and very tired.  He still has the tube fed into his stomach via his nose, to disperse the build up of  gases that cause the distended lower abdomen.  However, Sylvia though he looked a little better facially than in the past.  Please keep up the prayers for Len and his family. 

12 July 2008 Update 3

I did not visit Len today but Sylvia and family did and Sylvia called me with the latest.  Len did not see a doctor, until this morning!  Then a decision was made to insert a tube via his nose into his stomach to relieve the pressure build up of gasses.  This has had a slight beneficial effect, and to help he is now being fed only via an intravenous drip into his stomach.  Len is still feeling very poorly, but hoping to be discharged about Tuesday, but Sylvia thinks this is very optimistic.  Len was for the first time since his surgery helped out of his bed into a chair, which was a relief from the bed pressure.

11 July 2008  Update 2

Today, this evening, when I visited Len and asked how he was, he said it was worse than yesterday.  His pain had increased and this seemed to be because his lower abdomen was largely bloated and quite hard.  The Sister had called for the Doctor and he was expecting the doctor soon after I arrived.  The Sister wanted a doctor's opinion as to what might be amiss, or if this was to be expected.   As Len was quite tired and wanted to sleep, having had visitors over some hours, I wished Len well and left him to get some well needed rest.  I'll keep in touch with Sylvia to determine what the latest is after her visit tmrw and update this file.  Please keep up the prayers.

Dear Friends,

I am just back from visiting Len in hospital. He had his two hours or so of surgery yesterday morning. The surgeon said they hope they have removed all the cancer and sent this to histology and now await the histology report, before they can give any further information.

Len is in considerable pain at present with tubes and canulars on both hands, but through it all he keeps cracking his jokes. I have to tell Patrick that the surgeon does not seem to have helped in this respect, as you hoped. Perhaps Len forgot to mention your suggestion to the surgeon.

The surgeon said they might be able to avoid Chemo and an (illeotomy!) bag, which would be great news. However they cannot state a firm view on these matters until the Histology report is available.

Len has been very comforted with all the good wishes and prayers. He was very happy I had called in to see him. Len thinks he may be in hospital until Saturday at the earliest. He is in Jersey Ward on the 7th floor, Hillingdon Hospital, Middx.

I said I will visit again and he was pleased to know this.

Please keep up the prayers for Len that the Histology report is in his favour and that he is soon out of pain. He has rejected pain relief, but I urged him to take it, as he has no need, these days, to be in pain in hospital. 

Many thanks and best wishes,


27 June 2008  Len Carter's operation information

Dear Friends, 

I have just had a call from Len this evening. He has been at Hillingdon Hospital all day for a series of tests.

The plan now is that he will go into hospital on 08 July for preparation for surgery. The operations is planned to take place on 09 July. They told him he would only be in hospital a short time as recuperation will be home-based, relying on his GP's clinic nurses and of course on Sylvia his wife and his family.

Len is certainly not loosing any of his humour. He told me that when he was in the scanner a voice came over the system telling him to hold his breath for one minute. When he told Sylvia, his wife, she retorted "You've never kept you mouth shut for a whole minute before" and they both laughed. The Scanner Operator called to him "OK that finished you can jump down now" as he was just leaving the room. Len called out "Oi! come here, I'm 76 and with a bad leg and it is a long time since I was jumping on and off. You can come over here and help me down". Good for him.

Then he had to visit a lady Doctor to have a chat. The Doctor said to Len "Did you know you have a heart murmur?" Len's retort was "No I didn't, but in that case your invited to the funeral"

In spite of Len's flippancy it would be most kind if you would kindly remember Len and his family in your prayers at this time that he will come through in the best possible situation and is not left with the least comfortable outcome.

Len's contact data is further down on this page.

Very Many Thanks,



20 June 2008  The latest news about Len Carter is not good.  Len, with Vincent Shaw, has just got back from a short trip to Fatima in Portugal.  A letter was awaiting his return to see a Consultant for a review, bringing it forward a month.  This review took place yesterday and I received a call from Len this morning that news, as he half expected, was not good.  Len has been told he has cancer of the bowel and will be operated on within a fortnight.

Please keep Len and his family in your prayers that this operation will be successful and cure his cancer.  I am sure Len will be uplifted to receive cards form his many admirers among the Blaisdon Brotherhood.  His home address is:

31 Gilbert Road,  Harefield,  Middx  UB9 6NH.  Tel: 01895 822388 

I will keep this item updated with news of Len's progress.