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Blaisdon Old Boys Association -hereinafter referred to as the Association

Blaisdon Association Committee - hereinafter referred to as the Committee


The Association consists of Past Pupils of the Salesian School at Blaisdon Hall and others connected with the School.  It is both a social club and a means of renewing our Salesian heritage and a way to help the Salesian Mission worldwide.  Activities are reported through the occasional Newsletters published in the Blaisdon Website and for those without access to the website by, usually two, mailings to their home addresses.

Membership is open to all Blaisdon Past Pupils and Blaisdon staff and to the Friends of Blaisdon, especially from the village of Blaisdon who have taken the Past Pupils to their hearts and provided facilities for our continued reunions at Blaisdon since the school was closed, and such others as may be invited.

There are usually two reunions each year Ė one at Easter time and the main annual reunion and luncheon in the summer.  These reunions are for the wider family, both Salesian and natural.

There is a voluntary administrative and organising committee, of no fixed size, which contains the following officers: Blaisdon President, Blaisdon Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Blaisdon Treasurer and other normal committee members.  The term of office of the first established Blaisdon Committee shall be three years and thereafter for such term as shall be decided by the Association.  Members and Officers shall be eligible for re-election at the end of their term of office along with new nominees.

The other members of the Committee shall take on whatever works the Committee shall delegate to them.   Any member of the Association may become a normal member of the Committee if they are ready to help with the Committeeís work.

This Association Constitution will be recorded on the Blaisdon Website


Association Rules

1.  Title:

Blaisdon Old Boys Association

145 Glengesh Road


Co. Fermanagh

N. Ireland

BT94 3GX

2.  Insignia:

Blaisdon School Badge, National Tie, International Lapel Badge and Emblems on Home page of Blaisdonís Website.

3:  Address:

Salesian Old Boys Blaisdon Association


4:  Objectives

To encourage, promote and provide social and fellowship activities and other gatherings for members of the Association and their families.  To support National Federation activities.  To support the National Federation Salesian Mission objectives to help the young and the poor of the world.  To provide welfare support for members as may be needed, subject to finances available.

5:  Membership

Available to all past pupils of the Salesian School at Blaisdon Hall during 1935-1995 and to others associated with Blaisdon Hall and The Friends of Blaisdon and others granted honorary membership by the Committee.

6: Subscriptions

Membersí subscriptions shall be a voluntary £10.00p.a. Due on 01January each year, or such other amount and time as may be deemed necessary by the Committee and ratified at an annual summer Reunion.  The Secretary shall keep a register of members.  The Treasurer will keep a record of membersí paid subscriptions.

7:  Management

a)      The Management of the Association shall be vested in the Committee, which shall meet as required but at least twice annually.

b)      The meetings shall be chaired by the President or in his absence by a member elected to chair the meeting.

c)      The Committee shall consist of at least six members

d)      The Committee shall appoint its own Officers

e)      The Committee shall have the right to co-opt members

f)        Any member of the Committee may be removed from office by a vote by two thirds of those at the annual Reunion

g)      If the number of Committee Members is reduced below a quorum of five members no binding resolutions can be achieved until a future meeting with the required quorum present.

h)      Committee members are volunteers and no remuneration is paid.  However certain consumables: such as postage, paper, inks and catering for the meetings, may be paid by the Treasurer.  Travel costs however are not recoverable.       

i)        Without prejudice the Committee, through the Treasurer, may expend monies of the Association in furtherance of the Associationís objectives.

8:  Annual Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Committee shall take place at or soon before the summer Reunion.  The Treasurer will produce a Statement of Account and Balance Sheet to be presented at the Summer Reunion to all the members present.

9:  Votes

Every question at the annual reunion shall be decided by a show of hands when each member present shall have one vote only.  A declaration by the President or, in his absence another chosen member of the Committee, that the vote has been carried shall be recorded by the Secretary or his Assistant and promulgated via the Blaisdon Website

10: Accounts

The accounts of the Association shall be maintained in a manner acceptable to the members of the Association.  The Treasurer shall account for all the funds of the Association.  All expenditure shall be authorised by the Committee and supported by receipts and bills where applicable.  All cheques to be signed by the Treasurer, and counter-signed by the President, or the alternate counter-signatory.  All income shall be paid in, intact, promptly to the Association's account at any local branch of Barclays Bank Plc.

16:  Indemnity

Every Committee member shall be indemnified by the Association against all costs losses and expenses which such member may incur or become liable to by reasons of any actions by him as such Committee member by way of discharge of his duties, and the amount for which such indemnity is provided shall immediately act as lien on the funds of the Association and have priority as between members over all other claims.

No Committee member shall be liable for the acts, receipts, neglects or defaults of any other Committee member or for joining in any receipt or other act for conformity or for any loss or expense happening to the Association through the insufficient or deficiency or any security in or upon which monies of the Association shall be invested or for any loss or damage arising from bankruptcy, insolvency or tortuous act of any person with whom monies, securities or effect be deposited or for any loss occasioned by any error of judgment or oversight on his part, or for any other loss, damage or misfortune whatever which shall happen in the execution of the duties of his office or in relation thereto unless the same happened through his own dishonesty.

17:  Notice of Resignation

Notice of resignation shall be sent in writing to the Secretary.

18:  Correspondence

The President, Secretary or Treasurer shall sign all correspondence on behalf of the Association, except where otherwise directed by the Committee.

19:  Inspection of Register

Any member may inspect the Register of Members at any reasonable hour at any time where it is kept.

20:  Winding up or Dissolution

The Association may be wound up on the direction of the Committee in which a liquidator will be appointed by the Committee.

21:  Assets shall be distributed in the following order

j)        Payments to creditors

ii)                   Refunds of such sums as may be directed by the liquidator

iii)                 Refund of unexpired portion of Memberís subscriptions

iv)                 Remainder to be disposed of as directed by the Committee


Created 17 November 2006 - Amended 31 August 2009  New Pres. Fees Vol.

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